some things we know about stress

for most of us, the management of stress is a prerequisite for joy

it alters our existent equilibrium

it is physiologically measurable and something we struggle to manage

it is the cause of 80-95% of all doctors visits and the leading cause of life style diseases

the stress response has 4 stages:

the trigger - fight, flight or freeze, intensification or recovery, adaptation or mal-adaptation and finally exhaustion and disease with chronic exhaustion

it exists everywhere as the external environment

if we let it, it will alter our internal environment, where we feel it, affecting our innate and existent equilibrium, neurologically and chemically. this manifests in our bodies as obstacles to the flow of life and the expression of our souls.

it is, at first, the cause of maladaptive subconscious programs before age 8 and then the trigger of these automatic programs after that

to adapt to stress, to upgrade, it is our internal environment that we need to change as changing the external one is not always an option

stress is typically related to a preoccupation with the past or the future, something abstract.…but rarely the present - hence the importance of mindfulness and acceptance

stress comes in many forms - emotional, chemical, physical and spiritual - but affects the body the same way. it distorts our existent equilibrium by changing our internal neuro- and biochemistry, setting up obstacles to flow and preventing change from taking place

stress is the precursor to all physical and/or emotional dis-ease we experience, including lifestyle diseases, heart disease, asthma, obesity, diabetes, anxiety, headaches, depression, anxiety, gastrointestinal problems, alzheimer’s disease, accelerated ageing and premature death

I share my 2 comprehensive ways of increasing immunity to stress at my workshops . this information can also be adapted as mini-seminars for you or your company.

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