stress is unique in that it is the cause of most maladaptive behaviour program development before age 8 and also the trigger of these programs later on in life

increasing our immunity to it is the solution

a closer look  



with our balanced internal environment

our world.jpg

our world

our external environment

something we can't easily change and something that has the ability, if we give it permission, to disturb our balanced internal environment - leading to a lack of emotional freedom, balance and setting the stage for disease and a lower quality of life

us in our world.jpg

us in our world

balanced & constantly processing our external environment, consciously and subconsciously

feeling pressure.jpg

us feeling the pressure, 

allowing the external environment to start altering our internal environment 


us succombing

to the external environment, losing balance, initiating the stress response. 

some of the things that take place during the stress response

adrenaline and cortisol are secreted, our hearts beat faster, our blood pressure and breathing increase, digestion, detox, healing and other autonomic activities stop, blood is diverted to large muscle groups - body tension goes up and our world view becomes smaller and perhaps most importantly... 

no change is possible in this mode

pushing back.jpg

us pushing back

initiating the relaxation response by choosing emotions that help and not hurt us and that dissolve maladaptive programs

some things that take place during the relaxation response.

'happy' hormones are released, heart rate goes down, blood pressure goes down, normal breathing resumes, tension leaves our body, our world view expands, healing, detox, and digestion restart.

 initiating the relaxation response is key to any change-work or wellness initiatives as it is only in this emotional, brainwave state & biochemical space that change can take place.  

there are 2 comprehensive ways of increasing immunity to stress. 1 is a general sandbagging approach via a balanced wellness program and the other is changing maladaptive programs on your hard drive. i share them both at my workshops and also during my 1 on 1 coaching.

these 2 ideas can be shared in a 2 hour ‘mastering stress’ workshop, on site, for your company