hello, this is colin

I believe that we are born to be well, to be joyful, to be one.  

I also believe that if we are not, then something is in the way, an obstacle we put there, physically, consciously and/or subconsciously, as an adaptation to a stress, from birth to the present.

these obstacles rob us of emotional freedom and balance, prevent us from experiencing life as the preferred versions of ourselves, on our terms - taking our power away - and consequentially affect that which is most important - our health and quality of life.

to remove these obstacles, to transform, requires change, something that seems unattainable for most of us, however i have found that my 3 dimensional methodology facilitates change, sometimes surprisingly fast, without much fuss and without revisiting past trauma.

this whole approach to change, perfectly adapted to our times and driven by neuroscience research allows us to wire in a new set of emotions and to start breathing fully once more. 

I embrace the opportunity to be part of your transformation, your reconnection to the source, be it online , at workshops or here in france.

may you experience life fully and joyfully.

‘colin has the unique ability to WAKE YOU UP, TO harvest change from anyone regardless of who they are or where they are in their life’