elizabeth had been trying for 10 years to have a baby.  medically everything checked out, still something was in the way

the first question I asked elizabeth was why she thought she could not conceive.

“my father left my mother as soon as she was pregnant. I never met him,” she explained

the second was how she felt about being a mother

“I don’t think i will be a good one, I am afraid”

the third was do you have any discomfort or pain in your body

“yes - consistent right lower back discomfort and sometimes pain”

together, in 60 seconds, we exposed the subconscious, conscious & physical obstacles that needed to be removed for elizabeth’s reconnection to self, for her change to take place. our work had already begun.

hello and welcome, this is colin

I believe that we are born to be balanced, to be connected, to be joyful. 

I also believe that if we are not , then something, obstacles, blocages are in the way, blocages we put there, physically, consciously and/or subconsciously, as an adaptation to a stress.

these blocages in essence keep us from being balanced, connected, one.

removing them requires adaptation, transformation, change.

my methodology for facilitating change, transformation is 3 dimensional. it is a whole approach, well adapted to our times and allows us to wire in a new living experience without much fuss. 

I welcome being part of your change, your reconnection to the source, be it online , at workshops or here in france.

may you experience life fully and joyfully.