this ability to change, to adapt our internal environment is the key to survival and what restores and maintains our natural equilibrium. this is what my work is all about.

what we know about change

to find balance, change is an obligation.

that to change something, we have to change something

that it begins with choice

it requires knowing what you want to change - what you want and not what you don’t want

it requires energy, a resourced state - this is the most important element in my opinion

it requires repetition to wire it in

that it is possible if we do the work - neuroscience confirms this

that most of us want to change something about ourselves.

that it is hard due to established neural pathways, associated biochemistry, brain wave patterns and an unforgiving external environment.

that our inability to change, to adapt to stress, is the leading cause of unhappiness and disease, including 95% of doctors visits

that our ability to adapt, to change, takes us down a different road- the one of balance

that it is our internal environment, our conscious and subconscious patterns, and not the external environment, that we need to change to find balance

that change is impossible while in stress mode  

(imagine running from danger and trying to change a habit at the same time)

that there are four reasons we change - with the same mechanism applying to all four

  1. we decide by ourselves

2. friends or family encourage us

3. forced intervention

4. a life threatening situation 

and my last word on change is, that for most of us,

it is a pre-requisite for joy