I visited Dr. Moore in an effort to improve my well-being. I had the sense of being disconnected from my body. The results were immediate and indisputable. The work allows me to reconnect with my body, to un-learn the habit of living in pain, something that had become 'normal' after many years. This re-learning is very enjoyable and very good for my emotional wellbeing. - Hugues , 45

I became interested in chiropractic as a means to connecting with my body more. I worked a stressful job and had a lot of social commitments and felt like I wasn't taking enough time for myself, to stop and think about what I really wanted for my life. I tried many chiropractors and each offered me something a little different. Colin offered a very intuitive adjustment, he seems to just know what each of is patients needs and can tell so much about their lifestyles simply from observing them. He has a very non-judgmental approach and appreciates everyone's uniqueness, making him an approachable healer. His enthusiasm for chiropractic and the innate healing power of the human body when it's completely free to communicate is infectious and breeds confidence and trust in his many clients.' - Jade, 28 

Unlike most people, I did not come to see Colin because of a debilitating back problem, but rather to address a nagging feeling that old injuries and body habits were lingering and blocking me from moving on. For some time now I've been working on positive change (i.e. exercising, eating better, attitude review etc.) - yet something was stuck and stuck beyond the power of my will. Somehow Colin understood immediately and I began to come for regular adjustments. Remarkably, change began to happen quickly albeit in a subtle manner. After the initial flares of old symptoms - there was an 'odd' shift. I became urgently clear on things I had to do, and began to do them almost without my realizing it - I was becoming unstuck and a quiet energy began to be available to me. It's not as if my life is perfect now, but since my sessions with Colin, I find I am living it more. I am strangely more in synch, getting more done and even having more fun. All this is to be fully recommended ! Thank you colin -.Urte, 51

Colin knows exactly what he does. His adjustments are very clean, precise, direct and to the point. After adjustments, I usually experience more calmness, am more centred and feel taller. Also, I have a chance to realise my habitual stress reaction that allows me to make changes for the better. I feel that he creates space for a change through his adjustments. Then after the adjustment, it's my responsibility, my bodies and nervous systems responsibility to work with that additional space – which can vary depending on my level of awareness. I recommend working with Colin when you feel stuck, want to change or have unresolved pain in your body. – Izabella Jónás, PhD, 32 yrs old. 

I was experiencing severe back pain that was affecting my mobility and my ability to produce my art. I never believed in chiropractors. Many of my dancer friends in NYC often recommended that I go see a chiropractor, but I never actually relied on chiropractic to fix the problem. I came to Barcelona to create some art and meet Miss Van. She had a session scheduled with Dr. Colin Moore and spoke highly about her experience. I admired her, her work and trusted her more than anyone else, so I decided to give it a try. It opened my eyes! Dr. Moore was very professional and it became clear to me that he cared about more than just identifying the visible pain, but also identifying the underlying issue. Through his chiropractic, Dr. Moore was able to heal the pain but more importantly, with his magic touch, opened my eyes to this world of treatment. Once the spine is centered, you can see the details that surround you. You don’t have to focus on your pain and the issue causing the pain. You can truly enjoy the world. And I keep coming for more. I highly recommend this experience! - OLEK, 29, Internationally known Artist

I consulted Dr. Moore because my middle back was feeling limited in motion. After just the first consultation I felt much freer in my back and more energetic. Dr. Moore walked me through what he was doing which helped me feel at ease and confident. I have since come back several times, each time leaving with a sensation of freedom and lightness. – Jessica Carroll, yoga teacher, 26 yrs old.

 My work with Colin has been a great experience. My migraine headaches have improved to such a point that I experience them infrequently enough for them to no longer dominate my life. I recommend chiropractic, and Colin wholeheartedly. Just being exposed to him and his positive energy is therapeutic. - Jimena, 30

As a massage therapist I understand the benefits of 'body health', and I believe that chiropractic is essential in this domain. The chiropractic adjustments I have received have helped with my overall mobility especially in my lower back and neck resulting in less restrictions and pain. I highly recommend chiropractic for anyone suffering with back problems as well as for maintaining good overall structural integrity and mobility. - Catherine, 30, massage therapist 

I first went to the chiropractor because I couldn't sleep well and I felt exhausted. My back was usually full of tension and I needed to change something urgently. This situation has improved a lot since I began working with Colin. I don't feel so much tension in my back any more and feel more rested. Thank you, Colin! - Carolina, 37.

I first went to chiropractic because I suffered from severe back pain, especially after long drives. After a few sessions my pain had gone, I was moving far more freely and I slept better than I had for years . I continue working with Colin as after each session there is still improvement and I feel energised - Martin, 45

Since my adjustment yesterday, something interesting has happened to my back. I woke up this morning and felt 'smooth', like an oiled up old rusty machine. I also have the sensation of shiny water running up and down my spine. I am so laid back I am almost asleep on my feet. Thanks a lot, your a star - Ange, 70 

Chiropractic care and maintenance free's the body and allows it to return to a place of balance. if you are held back by your everyday activities and lifestyle, adopt chiropractic. you won't regret it - Mark, 53 

Last night after my first adjustment I had the best nights sleep I have had in many months!!! An excellent start' - Jimmy, 60

I came to Dr. Moore for chronic and persistent lower back pain. I knew nothing at all about chiropractic before this and was immediately impressed by the holistic approach to being well and staying well. My back pain has certainly been much reduced since starting treatment and the idea of regular adjustments just makes sense. Through Dr Moore I was also put into contact with an Ayurvedic dietician who was an enormous help too.- Elaine, 64

We came to Dr. Moore for a sciatic pain problem and for a chronic back pain problem. Dr. Moore's work is non-traumatic, something that is especially important for people of our age. The office is relaxed and the atmosphere convivial. Dr. Moore is very positive, professional, pleasant and provides the appropriate care that is helping with our recovery. Highly recommended - Ed and Rosemary, 77 & 70 

I had neck pain for several months that would not go away. My experience with Dr. Moore has been very positive and the improvement is most welcome! The office is very accessible and Dr. Moore is very available to listen and guide - Vincent, 24.

I heard about Dr. Moore through the local press. Having significant and chronic back problems I decided to go him . The welcome was very warm and friendly, and as former rugby player, we immediately found common ground. Dr. Moore has practiced in the world of rugby with professional clubs and famous players. Therapeutically, he first made a diagnosis of my body and especially my spine before offering me the solutions envisaged to be able to solve my problems. In choosing the option of a monthly payment plan, with unlimited visits, I visited the office regularly and gradually noticed positive changes. After several sessions , flexibility started to return in my back . I still go visit once or twice a month to secure the work . Even if you do not belong in the middle of rugby, you will be greeted very kindly and will be well taken care of. I can only recommend his services , Joel , 48, Belvèze -du- Razès , Aude

I came to the office out of curiosity to begin with and also to look at another approach to health. I had some doubts at the beginning however my experience has been very positive. Highly recommended. Florent , 30 

My brother referred me to Colin. My back was completely locked up. Colin told me where my problem was and released the blockage. I felt immediate positive results. I still visit Colin when my back locks up due to a poor movement or fatigue. I am very satisfied with his skills and recommend him to anyone looking for a natural way of taking care of themselves. - Dominique , 49

Nothing to do with osteopathy, but for my part , I only had 3 sessions, which were not enough to have a proper perspective on chiropractic. However, after my first visit, I woke up with different lower back pain. I was concerned. After my next 2 visits, I find now that I sleep better and my chronic backache has been significantly reduced - Christoff, 43

I visit Dr. Moore for neck and back pain . Dr. Moore is very welcoming, and explains clearly the problem and what it takes to solve it. I have experienced great relief and with his guidance I have made some resolutions to be part of the solution - Michel, 53 years old 

I made an appointment with Dr. Moore to help my body function better. My spine and body are twisted and osteopaths have abandoned me due to my age and condition. When a friend told me about Dr. Moore and chiropractic, I hesitated as I had a very painful chiropractic experience in the past that locked my whole body up. My friend encouraged me to accompany her to her next visit. From the relaxed reception area, I was warmly greeted by an open and smiling Dr. Moore. In his office, relaxed, I let him do his work with confidence. There was no great pain because Dr. Moore does not force the body, but works with it to find solutions together. For me, it is clear that many sessions will be needed, and I 'm getting ready with enthusiasm. My body is already more relaxed since the first visits and I am optimistic about whats possible. Recommended . - Edwige , 68 

I visited Dr. Moore for chronic pain and persistent pain in my cervicial and lumbosacral spine, along with a loss of flexibility, as a result of post traumatic arthritis. After a month and a half of hard work, I have significantly decreased pain and my flexibility is returning, something that was not possible with simple day to day movements before chiropractic. I am encouraged by Dr. Moore's attentiveness and advice on how to improve my quality of life. As a result I have a better sense of well-being even though the localized pain from the traumas from 15 and 25 years ago are still present. I understand that there is more work to be done and am optimistic that I will reach a point where my day to day living will be even better - Olivier, 47 years 

A very positive approach to my health concerns with surprisingly quick results! Kévin, 15

As a result of my son Kevin's visits to Dr. Moore, besides seeing clear structural improvement, it has allowed him to manage certain challenges in his daily life with more confidence. Our investment in chiropractic has been very positive. I will start with Dr. Moore next week when I bring my other 2 children to be looked at as well - Maguy, Kevins mother, 32 

My neck and shoulders were chronically stiff and blocked and this use to cause frequent headaches and the occasional migraine. I tried massages, which helped but not really solved the issue and on the advice of my masseuse I tried Colin's chiropractic. Skeptical at first, as at first glance it looks a bit like hocus spocus, Colin managed to unblock the neck and shoulders completely (and in the process explained why this works). More than 10 years of tension as good as gone. I should not have been so skeptical in the first place..... But there you have it. – Patrick 43yr 

It is due to the proximity of the clinic and my chronic back pain of 30 years that brought me to Colin's office to find a solution, be it medium or long term, for my insufferable lower back pain. For 30 years I have lived with herniated discs and sciatica, have seen every specialist, yet I have still not found a natural and durable solution for my problem. After a few visits with Colin I realized that he managed to wake up a back that often fell asleep. By unlocking it gently, he got it to start understanding it's function again. Today, 3 weeks later, I am more serene and more active since being supported by Colin, a serious and attentive doctor who pushes me to participate in the result by encouraging me to make subtle changes in my lifestyle. I am 62 years old this year and need this kind of support to continue further on this path of natural healing. Chiropractic has been an interesting and wonderful discovery for me and I intend to use it without moderation. - Alain, 62 

I became interested in chiropractic as a means to connecting with my body more. I worked a stressful job and had a lot of social commitments and felt like I wasn't taking enough time for myself, to stop and think about what I really wanted for my life. I tried many chiropractors and each offered me something a little different. Colin offered a very intuitive adjustment, he seems to just know what each of is patients needs and can tell so much about their lifestyles simply from observing them. He has a very non-judgmental approach and appreciates everyone's uniqueness, making him an approachable healer. His enthusiasm for chiropractic and the innate healing power of the human body when it's completely free to communicate is infectious and breeds confidence and trust in his many clients.' - Jade, 28 

I started seeing Colin because of pain in my neck that prevented me from turning my head from side to side. I was going through a period of high stress and change and it settled in my neck. On my first visit Colin asked me several questions and I felt instantly that i could trust him with my health. After brief consultation, he gave me my first adjustment. What can i say… it was like it opened a lock inside me. I could feel energy rushing through my body instantly. It was one of the most eye opening experiences of my life. Since then I have seeing him regularly to keep positioning my body and with every visit I feel better and more confident - Georg, 38 

I had a back issue that over the last ten years many chiropractors had said was chronic and could never fully be fixed. I met Colin and liked his aura and spirit. More than just a clinical chiropractor. Over a period of 3 months I saw Colin twice weekly. Each time he slowly adjusted me on the path to recovery. Now almost 5 years later that specific issue has never come back, thanks to Colin. He humbly says he just got lucky. But having visited many chiropractors I know for me he is highly skilled. I still regularly visit Colin, with my active lifestyle my body is always taking hits and I feel good having it regularly checked. He also takes an interest in my life and how I am rather than just my back which is important - Cory, 35

A friend suggested that I visit a chiropractor after I complained of hip discomfort. I accepted the pain as part of some inevitable age related deterioration but hoped that perhaps chiropractic might limit, or slow down, further damage. I was therefor amazed to find that a few minutes with a chiropractor could make such a difference. After the first visit I could get up the stairs more easily, and now, after 3 months of gentle manipulation, I am virtually pain free. Moreover I feel cheerful and dare I say it, somewhat rejuvenated. Not bad at 74!!' - Jan, 74 

I came to Dr. Moore because I had pain in the right arm and back . I was preparing for a marathon (November 2013) and I had to be in full form for this event . I contacted Dr. Moore who received me the same day and after only three session I no longer felt the pain. I completed the marathon and feel good about my body and whats possible. Thank you doctor - Christopher, 42 

I visited Colin for chronic back pain and a sense of not feeling well. Not knowing chiropractic, I was surprised to see how after a few visits my body woke up, but even more suprised by how it affected me emotionally. The fact is that after three or four sessions, my back pain had virtually disappeared and my emotional state was significantly improved, I felt calmer, more serene. I was amazed that such gentle work, where it seems like he is doing nothing in particular, could make such a difference. Colin is very attentive, and makes you feel really comfortable. Chiropractic has solved many of my chronic and profound problems. I highly recommend it - Sylvie , 34 

I went to see Colin for persistent pain in the hip area . After consulting several doctors, having an MRI, X-rays,, rest, painkillers and acupuncture sessions without results, a friend recommended Colin. I had some concerns about Chiropractic but after several sessions, I must admit that the pain eased. I still see Colin and since my body is not as "painful" before and I found a feeling of comfort with my body and lightness . - Virginie, 33 

I went to see Dr. Moore due to my high stress life. His work surprised me at first as in France we are not accustomed to chiropractic, and it appears as quackery. But for me, it is the result that counts! I am much calmer, do not get angry at work, sleep better and in general feel better about life. Very positive. - Christopher, 46 

I had persistent back pain and leg that I was told that I would have to live with. What surprised me when I started working with Dr. Moore was how fast my pain went away. I am now pain free, experience deep and recuperative sleep and have a sense of calm about me. It is a pleasure to wake up in the morning without pain. My only regret is not having used chiropractic much earlier in my life. - Francois, 44 years 

I went to Dr. Moore for sciatica, femoral neuropathy, and circulatory problems. After taking my coat, he introduced himself as Colin which immediately took down barriers and made me feel really comfortable. He explained briefly what he believed the problem was and got to work. His work was gentle yet direct, and I felt like he was waking up dormant areas of my body. He is attentive, observant and works hard with you to find solutions. After a month, the results are remarkable. It must be experience without hesitation. - Jeanne , 72 

I have experienced much relief from chiropractic for my back over the years. More than that, I have an overall sense of wellbeing when I am under regular care. It affects my being, body , mind and spirit. Colin has created a great centre for wellness that I recommend to anyone who would like to feel more healthy. Colin also works on my 2 year old daughter, fleur, who has cervical torticolis - Emily, 37 

I was suddenly stricken with excruciating lower back pains which made it difficult to walk, uncomfortable to sit down and impossible to bend forward or incline myself. After receiving chiropractic care with Colin, I gradually recovered my former flexibility and vitality. In order to maintain this level of good health, I continue to visit Colin every 2 weeks to receive adjustments which are a manner of forestalling any future ailments as regards to lumbago eg. Friends, colleagues and even clients are quickly provided with Colin’s contact details once I hear about their various spinal problems! Thanks Colin!! - Paul, 40 

I have been a regular Chiropractic patient for well over 30 years. I started on a personal recommendation because of a bad fall some years before and quickly became a firm believer in the benefits to be had by regular visits. I suppose I think of it as a bit of a "tune up", keeping in shape as it were. We all move carelessly from time to time, especially as we get a bit older and still think of ourselves as much younger, and our bodies tend to remind us that we are not, a little more sharply than we would like. One or two visits to our friendly Chiropractor usually sorts me out and keeps me feeling balanced. - Paulette, 60 

Shortly after I arrived in France I suffered with a bout of sciatica. I had already witnessed my father going through year years of agony with a prolapsed disc that twisted his body and soul. Speaking with Colin and learning something of the philosophy of chiropractic; what really chimed with me was the idea of investing in your body, becoming proactive in maximising your structure to allow body and soul to work in harmony. I believe this is common sense and that regular adjustments improve our morale and allow us to remain wild in spirit throughout life. I continue to visit Colin 2-3 times a month as part of the promise I made to myself to invest in my structure. There are always the aches and pains of wear and tear, but now my visits are about about managing and maximising my potential. This is what chiropractic allows us to do! By the way, the sciatica has not returned 2 years later! - Mark, 42

On the recommendation of my family who already see Dr. Moore, I made a appointment. I did not know chiropractic before, but I do not regret my decision to try it. I drive 10 hours a day for my work, and I suffer greatly in the shoulders and back. My quality of life, my sense of wellness had improved dramatically in a very short amount of time. This work has given me a taste for life again. Thank you very much Dr. Moore. - Jean- Louis , 62 

I had chronic pain in my upper back following a snowboarding accident, and occasionally recurring pain in my lower back for most of my adult life. Colin has been taking great care of me, focusing the long-term healing process while bringing pain relief and a confidence boost at the same time. Colin's a lot of fun and very experienced - highly recommended!! - Mete, 31 

Chiropractic is a way of life and not a quick fix. It requires commitment and patience along with a willingness to work with your chiropractor, taking responsibility for your well-being and progress. It is part of a healthy lifestyle choice. Together over the past 3 months, we have made some great changes and anticipate more. I recommend chiropractic to anyone who wants real answers and results - Sue, 57 

I came to see Dr. moore for long term back problems and recent neck problems. I have found that the work has improved mobility and relieved localized pain. Regarding the neck, the X-rays indicate that it will not be easy to remedy. While there are signs of improvement and less pain upon turning my neck, it is a work in progress. Chiropractic is a process more than a quick fix. - Tom, 67

The hump that developed on my back as a result of a serious accident has visibly improved since working with Dr. Moore. My wife says that I am more agreeable as well - Jim, 74 

I was referred to Dr. Moore by a good friend who is a patient. Dr. Moore has created a welcoming space and friendly atmosphere. He doesn't give you much science but rather hands on chiropractic adjustments. The changes and results are already there as we continue working together to find further solutions and at the same time maintain what we have already achieved. I recommend it - Fizzle, 62 

I came to Dr. Moore after unsuccessfully trying to resolve my problems with massage and acupuncture. My problems are a culmination of childhood polio with atrophied muscles and 2 serious accidents, where I broke 2 vertebra in my spine. Since we started work, we have resolved the residual pain and imbalance from the polio that allows me to drive without pain in my shoulder and we have made inroads with my lower back. I understand that this will take time and active management.

I did not expect these results, given my age, however chiropractic, specifically Dr. Moore, has given me the ability to once again do my power walks every morning. If you have health concerns, Dr. Moore will help you find solutions - Angela, 70 

I never could manage to overcome the chronic pain and blockages due to the state of my back and my neck . I hoped that chiropractic, something I had never tried, would help. I felt based on the explication by Dr. Moore that would be effective due to the goal of directly addressing the structural concerns on more than a superficial level. Due to the complicated state of my back with scoliosis and multiple problems at all levels, I understand that there is no quick fix. I will need long term therapy. Improvements are slow but sure. After a few months I feel more balances and my headaches are almost a thing of the past as my blockages gradually disappear. The road is long but I am confident in this approach and have started to adopt better habits to help the process. If you can;t find a solution for your chronic problems and don't want to take medication, I recommend chiropractic. - Patrick , 58 

I am writing to thank you for your kindness and help. And also thanks to chiropractic I am much better, not only with my back but my mental state as well. Without a doubt I will use chiropractic in the future if I feel fragile again. - Ikerne, 32 

Colin is an amazing chiropractor, You can feel that he has very confident yet gentle hands, something that comes from decades of experience. I would not hesitate to recommend Colin to anyone. If my family lived near him I would insist that they go see him - Brock, 34, Doctor of Chiropractic 

I have had chronic lower back pain for at least the last 10 years and I just lived with it until 3 years ago, when I went to my French GP. Since then I have had every type of scan possible and a few painkillers which would floor a horse together with 20 physiotherapy sessions. The scans came up with nothing abnormal, I did not take the painkillers for very long as they did not agree with me and pleasant as the physiotherapist were, their machines made no difference whatsoever.

I then heard that Colin had started a chiropractic clinic in Montreal. I had heard of chiropractic but did not know much about it so I did some research and thought I would give it a go. Colin makes it easy as you pay for the first 3 sessions individually, while you and Colin get a chance to see if it's for you. After that you can sign up for a monthly plan in which allows you to drop in for up to 4 sessions a week for the month. This was the crux of it for me as I found the frequent short visits essential for making minor adjustments to my aches and pains and thus each session building on the last to achieve real and lasting improvements.

Well in my second month, I am now down to 2 - 3 visits per month and feeling better than I have done in years. I now have 10% of the back pain that I had before, have much more movement in my spine, shoulders and neck and no sore feet (I used to have a constant burning sensation on the soles of my feet, which made it difficult to walk without real pain). All in all it has been a revelation.

When I started I was hoping for a reduction in my back pain, but I was not expecting the strong feelings of vibrancy and positivity that it has brought me. I now have so much more energy than before and mentally feel very positive, which combine to mean that I am getting far more things done in a day. I had not been sleeping well for a couple of years and am now sleeping far less but really soundly - so I wake up feeling really refreshed and ready to jump into the day instead of feeling fuzzy most of the time.

What more can I say!!! - Life is looking up and full of wonderful, achievable possibilities. Highly recommended. Go on, try it - you owe it to yourself! - Caitriana, 50