the subconscious mind

‘it is here where the battle for emotional freedom and balance is fought’

the more I work with subconscious, the more I understand it’s power as the fertile ground for healing.

when we consider our first 7 years of life, where our brain wave state stifles critical thought and information is essentially stored as truth, we have immediate clarity on emotional pathology.

with love and safety being our dominant needs at this stage of our development, the subconscious will adapt our behaviour if it feels a lack of either, be it real or perceived. if maladapted, this may manifest as shyness, controlling or aggressive behaviour, for example, to essentially pull love and safety our way.

as adults, with critical thinking capacities in place, we may find we are still shy or controlling, even though we are loved and safe.

why is this - is it automatic behaviour?

yes, it is.

patients will tell me that they been ‘this way’ since they can remember and with further exploration, 95% will relate their maladaptive behaviour to a specific event when young.

this information, ‘that it is not you’, but rather a maladaptive program, is liberating for many people and changes the conversation from ‘it has always been that way’ to ‘great, now how do i change the program?’

applied neuroscience leads the way by proving that we can delete these programs either consciously, if the roots systems are not too deep and we can access the required resourced state required to make the change, or subconsciously, if we struggle, using hypnotherapy as a natural, gentle & effective alternative

I see hypnotherapy as

‘a comfortable altered state, much like a nap, where the possibility for change is enhanced'

some of the reasons people consult hypnotherapists include:

stress management, performance, anxiety, studying, learning a new language, phobias, inability to sleep, addictive and destructive behaviour, smoking, drinking, overeating, anger, conflict resolution, shyness, lack of confidence, balancing relationships, insecurity, weight loss, mourning, pain management, personality disorders, overcoming, ego strengthening, and so much more.

I use hypnotherapy in the 1 on 1 format, for dissolving specific programs and emotions or directly after a coaching or bodywork session, to reinforce certain ideas. i also use it in a group format, to elicit the relaxation response and work on specific goals that teams, couples or families want to achieve.