integrated coaching

‘no bullshit, deep and direct work. colin has given me tools (that really work) to make powerful change on a conscious, subconscious and cellular level. his perception and insight on human behavior and what it takes to activate change is unparalleled.’

my time working with colin has been transformational. I felt stuck and unable to move past hurdles in my personal and emotional life and with his help - and the tools he gave me - clarity and motion returned. in just a couple of weeks colin gave me a new program for understanding myself and who I wanted to become. his work is powerful, practical, and his guidance has spurred self-development that I had not felt in a long time. forever thankful!’

people talk to me because they want to change something.

they feel something they don't want to feel, do something they don't want to do, don't do something they know they should do or want to be better at something they already do.

coaching can be seen as the bridge between wanting to get to a place and actually getting there.

the sessions can last between 5 & 90 minutes, are adapted to your unique emotional model, are engaging, expose what’s in your way, give you clarity, perspective and lay the foundation for all future self directed neuroplastic change.

done 1 on 1 or in groups, on the ground in our french office, online or at workshops and retreats

what story are you telling yourself today?