actively or passively, the body is the easiest way to change an emotional state

I use the body’s help in 2 ways


integrated structural and energetic body work

‘colin works very intuitively, seeming knowing what each of his patients needs from simply observing. he has a very non-judgmental approach and appreciates everyone's uniqueness, making him an approachable healer’

removing the physical manifestations of the living experience is what i believe i was born to do. my integrated technique, using intention, touch, colour, breath, thought, imagination and various manual techniques, allows me to work intimately and intuitively with each patients unique energetic needs turning each session into a shared celebration.

by giving the body space, motion and energy to find balance, to reconnect - i have had the privilege of seeing worlds change for patients over 30 years of practice.


integrated movement and postural coaching

‘what a great way to start our workshop. we were challenged and bonded at the same time’

lengthening, strengthening, oxygenation, balance & coordination, with an eye on posture, specifically forward head tilt, flat-butt syndrome, and their associated emotional and biochemical implications.

this fun hour of movement is done 1 on 1 or in groups at our field in town or your field, workspace, workshop and/or retreat.