the mind and body are inseparable. working with both at the same time, as we stalk change, is as beautiful as it is logical

I use the body’s help to facilitate emotional shifts in several ways, to include… 


integrated structural and energetic body work

‘this was one of the most profound bodywork sessions I have ever experienced’ 

removing the physical manifestations of the living experience is what i was born to do. in essence, I create intentional space, motion and energy that the body uses to find balance. over 30 years of practice, I have fine tuned a technique that works intimately and intuitively with your body’s unique innate and energetic needs.


integrated movement coaching

‘what a great way to start our workshop. we were challenged and bonded at the same time’

lengthening, strengthening, oxygenation, balance & coordination, with an eye on posture, specifically forward head tilt, flat-butt syndrome, and their associated emotional and biochemical implications.

this fun hour of movement is done 1 on 1 or in groups at our field in town or your field, workshop and retreat.


nutritional cleanse & detox

‘nourish - don’t punish’

this approach requires a clear mental shift to get going. once in motion however, it is gentle, clarifying, energy creating and a beautifully powerful way of dissolving a problem complex and wiring in a new and sustainable solution complex. if done while doing movement, coaching and hypnotherapy, during a 3-day integrated retreat for example, levitating joy is the result.