this breakthrough 1-day program, one of the most interactive, well paced and well adapted to our times, introduces you to the all important foundation of change-work.

most personal growth takes place when challenged to find different answers, to experience moments of truth, even uncomfortable truths. this workshop will, in it’s light and pragmatic manner, challenge established ideas while at the same creating space for change, growth and new neural pathways.

some of what you will take home

what a wild boar on the costa brava teaches us about change

a key lesson from an injured atlantic seal on the west coast of south africa

how to re-introduce yourself to the preferred version of you

identifying that which is most important and building your wellness foundation

how choice is the biggest tool in the shed

the wellness wheel and the balance-stress dynamic

the stress and relaxation responses and their associated biochemistry

brain wave and biochemical states required for change

subconscious programming during our first 7 years of living

a resourced state being of the most important elements for change

sex, the relaxation response, wellness and neurogenesis

the gap, addictive emotions and behaviour - the drop through

quantum physics, energy, neuroscience - the basics

practical neuroscience for interrupting anxiety, compulsions and maladaptive programs

the indispensable 4 step meta pattern for any change you want to make

4 integrated steps for sustaining the changes you have made  

come join the celebration