lets do this shall we?

elizabeth had been trying, for 10 years, to have a baby. medically, everything checked out, still something was in the way. the first question i asked her was ‘why she thought she could not conceive?’

“my father, whom i never met, left my mother as soon as she was pregnant”

the second question was ‘how she felt about being a mother?’

“i don’t think i will be a good one, i am afraid”

the third was ‘do you have any discomfort or pain in your body?’

“yes - consistent right lower back discomfort and sometimes pain”

(the physical ,conscious & subconscious obstacles we needed to dissolve were revealed with each answer)

hello & welcome, this is colin

to change something we have to change something.

for elizabeth, she wanted a baby and had to change things to get there. for you it might be a better relationships with men, a clearer path in life or shedding a habit or emotion that no longer serves you. because change has a structure, validated by neuroscience research, we need to follow it.

  • ‘colin has the unique ability to harvest change from anyone, regardless of their standing in life or their current level of expansion’

    i believe that we are born to be well, to live balanced and joyful lives, including having a baby, should we wish. if we are not, something, physical, conscious and/or subconscious is in the way. my integrated approach to elizabeths’s desire for change, addressing change on all 3 fronts, is the same way i will approach yours, because, regardless of what you want to achieve, be it changing a habit, fixed idea that holds you back or ping your game, change has a structure and it should be approached accordingly to ensure the proper wiring in of the new idea.

    ‘ i have rarely met someone who listens so carefully, non-judgementally and with whom i felt instantly reassured and peaceful. it is as if we were working before we started. it felt more like an interesting conversation than a coaching session’

  • i engage all my patients with the same purpose, clarity, compassion, loving pragmatism and with the absolute knowledge that if, together, we get to dissolve maladaptive programs, ideas, and the physical manifestation of these programs and ideas, our bodies and our souls will do what they are wired to do….express life freely, abundantly and joyfully.

  • i would honestly enjoy working with you and invite you to contact me if you feel intuitively that i may be the person who will help you past that something.

  • with love, colin