some things we know about stress

it is everywhere - we call this the external environment - something we can’t easily change

it affects our internal environment, our internal balance, neurologically and chemistry negatively if we let it

to adapt to stress, it is our internal environment that we need to change

stress is typically related to a preoccupation from the past or the future…but rarely the present

it comes in many forms - emotional, chemical, physical & spiritual - but affects the body the same way…it breaks us down

it is the precursor to all disease & symptoms we experience, be it back, neck, leg, stomach or any other kind of dysfunction, to include 

 lifestyle diseases like heart disease, asthma, obesity, diabetes, headaches, depression, anxiety, gastrointestinal problems, Alzheimer’s disease, accelerated ageing & premature death

(study shows - with stress management - there is a 74% reduction in chance of 2nd heart attack and improved immunity)

the medical and pharmaceutical industry do not invest in our ability to increase our immunity to stress but rather in the symptoms caused by this inability


a closer look at how stress works and what solutions are available to us






our world



us in our world

with the ever present external environment



us feeling the stress of our external world



us breaking and initiating

the stress response 

some of the things that take place during a stress response

adrenaline & cortisol are secreted - our hearts beat faster - our blood pressure increases - digestion and other autonomic activities stop

blood is diverted to large muscle groups - body tension goes up

above all - no healing is possible while in this mode



us pushing back by initiating the relaxation response

some things that take place during the relaxation response

happy hormones are released - heart rate goes down - blood pressure goes down - tension leaves our body

healing, detox, rest and digest restart


my work is focussed on this one idea…pushing back, 

by initiating the relaxation response  


i work with the body, the conscious and subconscious mind to achieve this