most people I work with want to change something about their living experience.

it could be anything that disturbs their emotional equilibrium - from wanting to be less controlling, increasing their immunity to stress, to being less anxious, more confident, more peaceful and accepting.

change has a structure and while I respect it, my sessions with you are intuitive, adapted your unique emotional model and lay the foundation for all future self-directed neuroplastic change.

‘I really enjoyed working with colin. the sessions were really interesting, intuitive, respectful and offered me a lot of insight in a very light and easy way. I was easily able to implement these insights into my daily life and break some old patterns. I recommend him highly.’

from the comfort of your home,

your hotel, the beach or favourite bench or cafe, nothing is lost with online work.

on the contrary, because there is less visual information to process, you are able to access the required brain wave state for change….much easier.

this work, guided by neuroplastic principles, consists of integrated coaching, guided meditation and, when indicated, hypnotherapy.

the culmination of this work takes place at our workshops & retreats

I welcome being part of your process.