‘no bullshit, deep and direct work. colin has given me tools (that really work) to make powerful change on a conscious, subconscious and cellular level. his perception and insight on human behavior and what it takes to activate change is unparalleled.’

my time working with colin has been transformational. I felt stuck and unable to move past hurdles in my personal and emotional life and with his help - and the tools he gave me - clarity and motion returned. in just a couple of weeks colin gave me a new program for understanding myself and who I wanted to become. his work is powerful, practical, and his guidance has spurred self-development that I had not felt in a long time. forever thankful!’

‘I really enjoyed working with colin. the sessions were interesting, intuitive, respectful and offered me a lot of insight in a very light and easy way. I was easily able to implement these insights into my daily life and break some old patterns. I recommend him highly.’

everyone I work with is looking to change something.

it could be anything that disturbs their emotional equilibrium from being less controlling, anxious or judgemental, eating and procrastinating less, re-remembering past events to being a better partner, friend and human being, integrated coaching covers the human experience and it’s nuances.

most of us know what we want to change - we just don’t always know how to do it and to make it stick.

coaching becomes the bridge between wanting and doing

by establishing clarity, perspective and then providing the protocols for your change.

change has a structure

and while I respect it and follow it, my sessions are intuitive, adapted to your unique emotional model and lay the foundation for all your future self-directed neuroplastic change.

coaching can be done face to face here in france, spain and cape town or


from the comfort of your home,

your hotel, the beach, your favourite bench or cafe.

nothing is lost with online work, on the contrary, because we work mostly with eyes closed, there is no visual information to process, making it is much easier to access the brain wave and biochemical states required for change to take place.

this work, guided by neuroplastic principles, consists of integrated coaching, guided meditation and when indicated, integrated hypnotherapy.

the culmination of the work we will do together online takes place at our workshops & retreats.

I welcome being part of your change and your transition.