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where do you want to go


what’s in your way?

we all feel it.

some of us as a detachment from established truths, lack of clarity & balance, anxiety & compulsions. others as tightness between the shoulders, shortness of breath, headaches and others still, as poor quality sleep, over eating, over drinking, indecision and confusion.

the truth is that we no longer live as we once did.

i have heard it said that stress  is the problem. i have considered this and accept it as a big player, a precursor, a trigger, however, i believe that our inability to change, to adapt to external and unresolved stress is the real problem.

as challenging as change is, it has a shape, a structure, and once understood and implemented - stuff happens. i am here for you and yours.

may you live life fully and abundantly,


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stress     change     integrated change work     neuroplasticity    methodology