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ultimately something is in the way

my earliest memories revolve around hunting fake crocodiles in our makeshift corrugated tin swimming pool in south africa and, curiously, my obsession with human nature & a desire to be part of the solution.  this desire drew me first toward education, then to chiropractic and later to a more integrated, whole approach which includes education through workshops, body work, coaching and hypnotherapy.  

not knowing quite what chiropractic was, but knowing innately that i was meant to be one, took me from apartheid south africa to reagan’s america to discover it.  i received a subtle and perception-altering adjustment 3 weeks into my chiropractic studies from the late Dr. John Grostic, and understood in that moment, with perfect clarity, what my path was.  i have not regretted a single day of practice since. 

i found that helping my patients find balance, by removing the physical manifestation of an off balance living experience - based on chiropractic work alone was very effective - due to the undeniable relationship between the body & the mind.  at the same time, while observing how the chaotic global dynamic was manifesting as exceedingly increased levels of stress and the resulting increase in maladaptive programs, anxiety and detachment in my patients, i felt that I needed something more to serve them more comprehensively.

my methodology evolved to not only using the body, but also the conscious and subconscious minds to dislodge obstacles, create space for the brain to 're-wire' balance and to increase our immunity to stress at the same time.

this expanded work has afforded me the ability to see the human condition in slow motion, from our nature, our programs, our behaviour, coping mechanisms and detachment to our desperate desire for balance and soulful living. more importantly, i feel i am now more able to see beyond the ‘running program’ to the valued person walking in the fog, and accordingly, develop sustainable solutions with them.

i never take for granted the opportunity i have been given to help someone improve their quality of life, rather, I welcome the responsibility and consider myself privileged and grateful to be able to do so - it is purpose itself. 

my desire for people to express life fully, in a balanced world, is as strong now as when i was a barefoot boy growing up in cape town, south africa.

Dr. Moore was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. He graduated from Pinelands High School and studied at the Universities of Stellenbosch and Cape Town where he received a B.A. and a Higher Diploma in Education. He received a scholarship to study chiropractic in America where he graduated with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1990.

While in private practice in Florida, he served as President of the West Coast Chiropractic Association, was the chiropractor to the Performing Arts Center and received the Junior Leadership Award in 2001.

Upon moving to France, he coached at Montpellier- Herault rugby club where he also served as the chiropractor on the medical team, working with French and other international players.

He completed his hypnotherapy training in Toulouse and completed his integrated changework/coaching program at the The Center for Integrative Hypnosis in New York City.  

He has a family practice in a quiet village in the South of France, near Carcassonne, and an online global practice. He has one of the most effective and challenging 1-day workshops in the field.

He is currently writing a book on finding balance through change. An accessible pragmatic approach to balance where you get to understand the playing field, meet the key players and understand the rules so you may manage your self directed neuroplastic change, on your terms. It is the distillation of his 28 years of living curiously, private practice, serving, listening, observing and a desire for truth in all things.

When not serving his patients, cooking, writing or walking his dogs he helps Annie at the family B’n B.

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