we have learned more about brain activity in the past 20 years than ever before, with neuroplasticity being one of our most important findings.

neuroplasticity refers to our brains’ ability to reorganise itself, both physically and functionally, due to our environment, behaviour, thinking, and emotions

this is great news as it tells us that change is possible. no matter how long we have lived with maladaptive programs, ‘stuff’ can be re-remembered and re-wired as new behaviour.

this ability to re-wire is the foundation of my methodology and I believe, is fundamental to all sustainable techniques in the change-work field.

neuroplasticity simplified

I take a train from A to B, an automatic straight run with the same result every time.   as I sit on the train, I look fondly out of my window, to the right, to a place I know innately will enhance my quality of life even bring me closer to my souls intention.  there is however no track to take me to that place.  

to go there I have to build that track - I have to do the work - but how do I do it?

let us take an emotion, anger for example, as being the ride. as I am triggered for anger, I am at A and all I can see is B, but I don’t want to go there, I want to go to C, the place of acceptance to the right.

by recognising what C feels like, shifting my consciousness, by choice, to that emotional state, I present my brain with the idea, the option that a track to C is a good one. with repetition of the idea of acceptance, the track will start being built and over time, will become my default track, my automatic behaviour, when triggered to feel anger.  the anger track, like most unused tracks, will be covered by weeds with time .

now, much as when I accidentally put my hand on a hot plate and automatically pull it away, because I am wired to do so, I will also automatically feel acceptance when triggered for anger.

this applies to any emotion you want to change. control can become freedom, judgement can become tolerance, negativity can become flow, doubt can become certainty, insecurity can become confidence, fog can become clarity, inertia can become motion, talking can replace alcohol, jealousy can become comfort with self, ego driven behaviour can become generosity...the list goes on.

neuroplastic change has a structure and I welcome the opportunity to share it with you.,