do you want to be?


who am i?

my name is colin.  i graduated as a doctor of chiropractic from life university in 1990.  i practised and coached chiropractors in the USA and in France until i was told i could no longer practice, due to a law passed here in france in 2011.   this law, while unjust and life altering, did not change who i fundamentally am or the fact that i was born to be a chiropractor, it just changed how i now see myself serving our profession.

why use a coach to be better at anything we do?

the best of the best in almost all walks of life use coaches.  roger federer uses one.  zinedine and pavarotti used one, so why not mortals like us?  

it is how we become better, it is how we master our craft.


why use me?

i remove obstacles to personal growth, find solutions and have a big pragmatic appetite for truth, learning and teaching.  i learned from some of the masters in the USA and will share what i have learned from my first day at life college, to adjusting 252 patients on my first day in practice 27 years ago, to what i continue to learn today.

as with all relationships, you will need to meet me and experience my distinctly democratic, practical and personalised coaching style to decide if it is a good fit for you.


what do i want for you?

that you are confident with your skills and the best that you can be
that you are comfortable and practice free and without fear
that you have a network to support and be supported by
that you remain unique
that you serve one of the greatest professions that exists, that you represent and serve it well and that in return, it serves you well


some of what you will learn

how to see and be the idealised version of yourself - how to choose, develop and own a technique, that is an extension of you and is effective 100% of the time - developing confidence and intuition when adjusting - the power of the 3 visit protocol - the basics of the indispensable thompson technique - the 10 second chiropractic explanation - the 2 minute chiropractic explanation - the 20 minute chiropractic presentation - the meta pattern for conversations and consultations - the neuroscience of change and your role in that change - how to set up a revolutionary fee schedule that works for all - why the 33 principles of chiropractic are still important - the dynamics of being a successful human being and chiropractor


20 euros per student for a 2 hour introductory & self discovery workshop

(fees for 1/2, full and 2 day programs will be available after the introductory program)


where & when?

our introductory session will be in toulouse on a sunday at 14h00, once we have a small dedicated group together.  our follow up workshops will also be in toulouse, at or the chateau de gramacie


what to bring?

if you have an adjusting table, bring it, otherwise, bring all the energy, openess and vision that drew you to chiropractic in the first place

contact me via WhatsApp at

+ 33 06 09 37 65 19

or send me an email at


i look forward to being part of your success