elizabeth had been trying for 10 years to have a baby.  medically everything checked out, still something was in the way

the first question I asked elizabeth was why she thought she could not conceive.

“my father left my mother as soon as she was pregnant. I never met him,” she explained

the second was how she felt about being a mother

“I don’t think i will be a good one, I am afraid”

the third was do you have any discomfort or pain in your body

“yes - consistent right lower back discomfort and sometimes pain”

together, in 60 seconds, we exposed the subconscious, conscious & physical obstacles that needed to be removed for change to take place. our work had already begun.

hello and welcome, this is colin

i believe that we are born to be well - to be balanced.  i also believe that if we are not , then something is in the way, something we put there, physically, consciously and/or subconsciously as an adaptation to stress.

stress is unique in that it disturbs our natural balance, is the cause of most maladaptive behavioural programs and is also the trigger for these programs once they are installed.  

to find balance, change-work has an obligation to stare stress down & increase immunity to it as part of it’s methodology

i have found that the only way to reduce stress, to wire in balance and a new living experience is through change. 

to change something we have to change something

I welcome being part of your change, be it online , at workshops or here in france.

may you experience life fully and joyfully.